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Zyan Zealous


Zealous offers customized online content and an excellent product experience, adopting a technical partnership model, highly esteemed and trusted by customers.

Website Development

From propaganda platform to mobile workstation, the perfect combination of design and function, constantly integrated into innovative models

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Mobile APP development

Promote APP, forums, e-commerce, distribution, dating, real estate transactions, financial transactions such as cryptocurrency, payment software, car transactions, etc.

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Cloud service customization

Delivery, Accounting, Auto Transactions, Image Recognition (Face Recognition, License Plate Recognition), Data Analysis, Visualization, Automated Transactions, NLP, Voice Assistant, etc.

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Why Choose Us?

If you need a selection, Zyan Zealous prepared six sound reasons here why we are the best pick


Communication ability is one of the core factors in judging productivity.
Zealous can effectively extract the context behind user-provided content Core RequirementsAnd convert it into a product, and at the same time can judge the development direction and provide solutions during the contact process.


The architectural design determines the height and dimensions of the product.
Zealous members are all from Amazon, IBM, TD, Moody's and other well-known companies in the IT and financial fields, and can provide customers withStable Product andHigh QualityThe service.


Decision-making efficiency and development efficiency are improved in a new technology, modularization, and standardization system.
The products delivered by Zealous pass strict quality control and high quality inspection while relying on the company structure to the products ModularThe design greatly improves the production efficiency of the product, enabling the task to be delivered stably and efficiently.


Punctuality and trustworthiness are measures of professionalism in business services.
Zealous adheres to a serious service attitude, and professional service content solves urgent technical problems for users. On-time delivery is not only a commitment, but also the team's scientific planning time, efficient work arrangement, day after day PersistenceThe result in exchange.


Performance is the core of judging business competitiveness.
Zealous achieves a peak online transaction speed of 13000TPS, so users don't have any Worry for the future,Focus on the development of the brand industry, don't worry about technical services.


The positioning and strategy of the product determine the pattern of the enterprise.
Zealous will do it according to the positioning of the product DifferentiationThe design helps customers to deepen the brand's segment and develop on the basis of solid existing customers UniqueThe brand culture. Provide an innovative technology partner cooperation model to create better services with less resources.

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Product Style


Function customization

Zealous is dedicated to providing customized software development and technical services for businesses aiming for commercial successOur core competence lies in creating highly available and high-concurrency software solutions, which are also flexibly scalable to meet evolving business needs. We are committed to helping our clients focus on their core operations, delivering tangible business value and competitive advantages through our technological expertise.

Main customers and service areas

Zealous is mainly aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises that have transformed from a single store or service module to a multi-store and large-scale transformation. The services we can provide include website customization, mobile app customization, partial SAAS service customization, AI module customization, blockchain There are several categories such as technical services, IOT and software plug-ins.

Zealous service price

We provide different services for different usersStandardized Services:We provide standardized services for the construction of small display platforms. The advantages of such services are low cost, quick results, and can meet the needs of many small and micro users Non-standardized services:Of course Zealous will also provide non-standard professional services for customers with customized needs, which enables enterprises to enjoy the productivity improvement brought by the product without consuming a lot of energy and financial resources to manage or recruit redundant technicians. .

Can a friend's product provide maintenance or secondary development??

We will professionally analyze the source code provided by the customer. It will vary according toProduct QualityProvide different suggestions. Our goal is to provide a high-quality service while keeping the budget as much as possible and meeting the needs

Quality Assurance

Product services, Zealous can customize products according to user needs, and can also provide customized products according to users' current or future development needs. Zealous provides lifetime free after-sales service for the product itself (see the terms of service for details).

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